Our Primary Goal:

To give each child a love for school and to let the children know we, as teachers, love them.

Additional Goals:

A. We feel specific goals for our Preschool can best be met by providing each child with opportunities
through appropriate materials, play and first-hand experiences that will enable him/her
to grow in self-esteem, love for others, and love for God. Our specific goals are as follows:

1. To help the child be successful in his/her association with peer group and adults, other than parents.
2. Aid in his/her emotional development.
3. To develop motor and perception skills.
4. Broaden intellectual abilities.
5. Encourage acceptance of responsibility.
6. Improve listening skills.
7. Improve ability to follow directions.
8. Give each child opportunity to discover “who he/she is” and how to relate to his/her environment.
9. Offer opportunities for development of moral, spiritual and cultural values on a non-sectarian basis.
10. Prepare each child for development in education.
11. Provide instruction for Kindergarten readiness at appropriate levels.

B. It is our philosophy. and that of many educators, that the focus should be on the child as an
individual. Children should be loved and accepted at their point of interest.