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Spencer Crilly

Director of Music & Worship 

Bible Verse

1 John 1: 5-10


I absolutely love worship ministry!  I love that we all as one body, one spirit, one church come together and give praises to our Lord!  Being able to see what God can do through song is incredible, and I love, and am humbled that I get  to be a part of that every week.


I am a music snob.   I love listening to it, playing it, discussing it.  I love it all!  I am also a HUGE Star Wars fan.  I can quote all six movies by heart (I'm not proud) , and have plenty of Star Wars merchandise.  I enjoy playing Softball, football, and basketball.  Starbucks coffee shops are almost my second home.  As I am in one at least once a week. So if you ever want to meet, let's go there!


The Bible, Star Wars Expanded Universe, the Hunger Games, Anything by Stephen King, Harry Potter, The Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins is great too!


Buffalo Chicken Dip, may cause Heart Burn, but...oh...it's worth it!
My Mom's macaroni salad, French Fried Chicken.

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